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Ironman Updates

The only predictable thing in my life recently has been that it has been unpredictable. After massive life upheaval Ironman took a serious backseat- I needed to focus on getting my home and… Continue reading

The Five Stages of (Swimming) Grief

Tonight I went through the following stages of swimming grief: Denial: It won’t be that bad! My arms aren’t that sore after P90X2 last night. Swimming outside in December when the wind is picking… Continue reading

Getting Better

One of the things that I love about training is seeing progress. Not only am I getting better in individual sports, but I can see that triathlon training is helping lead me to… Continue reading

Shiny new things

It has been a week of shiny new things! In chronological order: My graduation present came in! The Boy got me a custom bike to replace my Cervelo for Ironman. It is a… Continue reading

Ironman Boulder Training: Week 2

2 weeks ago I started to get in shape to get in shape for the Boulder Ironman. Here’s how it’s shaking out: Swim: I love swimming and am so happy to be back… Continue reading

First day of Ironman Boulder Training

After years of dreaming Ironman, today is my first day of training. When I trained for my first marathon and then turned into an ultrarunner, I always wished that I had better documented… Continue reading

Ironman Boulder 2014: An Oblortunity

Scene: 0659 on Tuesday, July 16th. I am at the kitchen table with The Boy and we are drinking coffee and listening to NPR. I am waiting for the clock to strike 0700… Continue reading