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The Vegan Experiment: Update

On March 1st I became ~80% vegan. The goal was to support The Boy, who wanted to eat more of a vegan lifestyle, and the first step was to go vegan for breakfast,… Continue reading

A-Basin, The Rockies, and Easy Oatmeal

Ok, so life is still kicking my butt with long hours, high stress, and low resources. In the midst of wedding planning, trying to buy a house, working full time, and wrapping up… Continue reading


Things have been busy! I’m on a new service at work. As a psychology resident on the psychiatry consult service at a Level I Trauma Center I  see some of the most severe… Continue reading

Fast, easy breakfast with the perfect poached egg

The other day I saw this completely amazing video about the best way to poach an egg: I’ve tried to make poached eggs dozens of times and with marginal success. Are the poached?… Continue reading

Fast, healthy dinners

‘Tis the season of healthy eating resolutions and since The Boy and I have found some yummy, healthy recipes that we can whip up in a flash and easily double if needed for… Continue reading

Homemade Protein Bars

I’ve been hitting the gym at 5 am which a) doesn’t leave room for making my favorite breakfast smoothies since I go straight to work afterwards and b) makes me ravenous and in… Continue reading

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupakes

The support staff I work with is exceedingly amazing and incredible. As an attempted thank you to them I want to bring them cupcakes and had to get over my fear of high-altitude… Continue reading

Grand Teton National Park

On our way home from Montana we decided to drive through Yellowstone and into Grand Teton National Park to spend the night in Jackson. We had a great dinner at The Kitchen (yum), ate… Continue reading

5 Days in San Francisco

I just spent 5 days living the life in San Francisco. I went to San Fran for my annual scientific conference and spent some time with my science hat on, but was also… Continue reading

Kitchen Sink Smoothies

The Boy got me a Vitamix for my birthday last year and we use it at least five times a week for smoothies in the morning. One of us mans the Vitamix, the… Continue reading