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Yoga Journal Live San Francisco

I just finished a weekend at Yoga Journal Live in San Francisco! Yoga? I don’t talk about yoga. Have you missed all the posts where I talk about yoga? Nope! There are very… Continue reading

Non-Ironman Weekend at Alamere Falls in Pt. Reyes

I bailed on Ironman a few months ago. I realized that while I *could* do the training, I didn’t *want* to do the training. Heading out one morning and realizing that the shortest… Continue reading

Idyllic Colorado Weekend

Weekends like this make me love Colorado. Friday I went to a summer solstice yoga workshop where we did 108 sun salutations on the roof while the sun set over downtown Denver and… Continue reading

Hiking Mt. Sanitas

Alright, so I live in Colorado and it’s December. I should be skiing. Instead, it was nearly 70 degrees so we decided to bail on being ski bums and take a hike with… Continue reading

First Week Living in Denver

Alright, so I’ve lived in Denver for a week. It’s still not “home” (we won’t get our things for at least another 5 days, or more than 3 weeks after we left Pittsburgh,… Continue reading

My Bikram Yoga Testimonial

Almost one year ago I went to my first bikram yoga class. I remember being terrified the entire day leading up to the afternoon class and that by the time I was leaving… Continue reading

Ashtanga Yoga

In light of last week’s events, I made an effort to keep myself as busy as humanly possible this weekend as a means of distracting myself from a lot of hurt around me.… Continue reading

The Bikram Yoga Experiment

Today I tried bikram yoga for the first time. Bikram Yoga Squirrel Hill just opened a new studio and they paired up with lululemon to host a community class. I don’t do yoga.… Continue reading