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This weekend we lost the best of good dogs. Our sweet, gentle, affectionate, and funny old lab/retriever had heart cancer (omg, that’s seriously a thing?!) and in just a few hours we went… Continue reading

So this happened…

Meet the newest member of our family! This baby Bernese Mountain Dog is Wally’s 10 week old niece whose name is TBD. We are firmly stuck between Dizzy (thanks, longtime reader and friend, Ike… Continue reading

The Non-Adventure Weekend

See that view? Does it convince you that we did something active and outdoorsy? We sort of did something outdoorsy. This hike is just a few miles round trip from our house and… Continue reading

Mindfulness with Wally

I don’t talk about it here much but I have had a mindfulness meditation practice for about 8 years. My mindfulness mentor used to tell me stories about how she would meditate in… Continue reading

Lake Edison Camping Trip

For Labor Day we went camping at Lake Thomas A. Edison in the High Sierras. The goal was to get away for a bit and teach some friends how to camp and fly… Continue reading


Meet Berkeley’s newest soon-to-be pet therapy team! Last week Wally passed his Canine Good Citizen test, earning his first AKC title and completing a pre-requisite for becoming a therapy dog! Becoming an AKC… Continue reading

Kehoe Beach at Point Reyes

On Saturday we took a scenic drive to Point Reyes to let the dogs play at Kehoe Beach. We wound through rolling hills and spots of redwoods among hundreds of cyclists who were… Continue reading

Surprise Holidays

Yesterday was weird because I was providing mental health services at a high school in suburban Denver while a student was walking into a different suburban Denver high school with a shotgun. I… Continue reading

Mohawk Lake in Breckenridge, Colorado

Today I set off with Wally to hike 7 miles round trip to Upper and Lower Mohawk Lake near Breckenridge, Colorado. The morning started beautifully, I just love how the sun catches the… Continue reading

Idyllic Colorado Weekend

Weekends like this make me love Colorado. Friday I went to a summer solstice yoga workshop where we did 108 sun salutations on the roof while the sun set over downtown Denver and… Continue reading