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Review: Dyson DC35

With Wally came fur. Fur like I’ve never seen before. Tumbleweeds of fur. And this is coming from people who’ve had a lab for years. And it wasn’t just fur. We take them… Continue reading

Review: Running on Empty

Marshall Ulrich’s book is going to be a hit with runners, but it is far from a book about running. Does he use a transcontinental crossing as the framework for his story? Yes.… Continue reading

Review: Lululemon Speed Skirt

I’ve wanted a running skirt for ages but I’m pear shaped and on more than one occasion I’ve heard “OMG KAT! It’s your SONG!” when “Baby Got Back” came on. It’s hard for… Continue reading

Review: 127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place

While in the Amazon I heard some stories about Aron Ralston from Marshall Ulrich so when I saw Aron’s book, 127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place, about his entrapment that… Continue reading

Why I Will Not Join Pittsburgh Urban Active (Bakery Square)

You may recall my previous review and indecision regarding membership at Pittsburgh’s Urban Active. On the final day of my trial membership I went to my second spin class. Whether I do more… Continue reading

Review: Stonyfield Banilla Yogurt

Oh my goodness. Why has no one ever told me about this. Today in a tired/headache/sick post-vacation whim I relented on supermarket comparisons and grabbed the closest yogurt- Stonyfield Banilla. I assumed it… Continue reading

Review: Pittsburgh Urban Active and Recipe: Curried Squash Soup

Today I went to the gym. I go to the gym regularly: as a student I get a free gym membership to Pitt’s gym and my condo has a fitness center. Pitt has… Continue reading

Review: Swimming to Antarctica

When I went to Rome I picked up a book to read for fun. After a semester that included HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of pages of neuroscience and social development, I wanted something… Continue reading

Breville Juicer

2009 was the year of race reports. There are going to be lots of races (and therefore reports) this year, but I also thought I’d add something new: reviews. Not sure what exactly… Continue reading