Ironman Updates

The only predictable thing in my life recently has been that it has been unpredictable. After massive life upheaval Ironman took a serious backseat- I needed to focus on getting my home and my career back on track before dedicating hours a week to swim, bike and run. It nagged me, but there wasn’t another option. My lifestyle here has been so much more active than anywhere I’ve ever lived (on average I walk about 5 miles a day just running errands) and last week I decided to do a shake out run to see where my fitness was. Let’s just say it’s good enough that I’m tentatively back on the Ironman plan (although admittedly undertrained relatively to where I should be). 

This weekend I ran 12 miles and biked 20 as a test to see how my body would do with some structured workouts. More work required more sleep and more food, but overall I feel capable to do much, much more and with the blessing of The Boy, it looks like Ironman is back on.


A shandy may be a perfect post-run beverage


We started our bike ride in pursuit of coffee. After this lovely cortado we felt good enough to knock out 20 impromptu miles.

There are a few factors that are seriously helping me right now:

  • Berkeley weather is perfection and I want to be outside all the time. Yesterday I went to the pool and forgot my towel and so I soaked up the sun until my suit was dry enough to walk home. What a beautiful thing in April for a Colorado girl!
  • Most of my runs include running to the coast with views of downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate complete with sail boats. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • I haven’t talked about it much, but as a graduation present The Boy built up a custom titanium bike and I love it and never want to stop riding it. It is gorgeous, fast, stable, and my only “regret” is that it is so nice I can’t really ride it around town. Time to invest in a cruiser?
  • For the first time in a very long time I am not stressed and I am not tired. I am healthy and I am happy and that gives me the extra reserves I need to commit to training. I also have time to cook (currently the Feedzone books are favorites) so that I have good food pre-, during- and post-fitness to keep me going. 

Still not sure I can pull of this hail mary (14 weeks to go!) but if nothing else I think I’m going to find a fall race to work towards.