Non-Ironman Weekend at Alamere Falls in Pt. Reyes

I bailed on Ironman a few months ago. I realized that while I *could* do the training, I didn’t *want* to do the training. Heading out one morning and realizing that the shortest bike ride I’d have until August was 60 miles and that I was spending three weeks away from home made my head spin and didn’t seem like *fun*. And life is short: If it’s not fun, why do it? So I quit. I’m not the quitting type, but surprisingly I’m proud that I quit. Instead of doing what I *should* do, I looked at my values and priorities and made an educated decision.

Instead of doing an Ironman this weekend me and The Boy went on a hike to Alamere Falls in the Pt. Reyes National Park. The 8 mile hike went by a lake, along the coast, and through eucalyptus groves and was such an awesome way to spend a few hours. The Falls were pretty dry, but we still got some great views of some little falls, scrambled along the rocks, and felt lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

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Afterwards we wandered throughout Sausalito and grabbed some beer and pizza on the water at Bar Bocce before heading off to the new Mikkeler bar, Perdition (I had the most insane white chocolate milk stout from Faction), and seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. Very full and very fun day.


On Sunday I had some work in the afternoon but made sure to spend the morning doing my weekly yoga in the park. This week my yoga practice was led by Sparkle, a trans yogi who played Oasis on her guitar during savasana, involved the weekly visit from the corgi who loves to bring joy in the form of a wiggly little butt to the yoga mats, and finished with gifts of lemons from a practitioners lemon tree. I’m pretty sure that only happens in Berkeley, and I kind of love it.