Review: Stonyfield Banilla Yogurt

Oh my goodness. Why has no one ever told me about this. Today in a tired/headache/sick post-vacation whim I relented on supermarket comparisons and grabbed the closest yogurt- Stonyfield Banilla. I assumed it was banana and vanilla and I like banana and vanilla and I have no idea why I didn’t grab the blueberry a inch to the left of it (fate??). I’ve bypassed this very yogurt many times for its french vanilla counterpart and I cannot believe the error of my ways. This yogurt is as amazing as it is yellow (which is a little alarming when you’re used to eating vanilla yogurt). Upon first yummy bite it tastes familiar. Then I pin it: it tastes like my old roommate’s banana creme pie with chessman cookies! Drool. I’ll be honest, it’s not banana creme pie, but let me tell you, for something that is healthy and has 1/1000000th of the fat and calories of a real dessert, it is totally close enough. And it’s organic. And it tastes good with fresh blackberries. If you like fooling your body into thinking it is eating dessert when you are really giving it a healthy dose of probiotics, give this a shot.