Review: Dyson DC35

With Wally came fur. Fur like I’ve never seen before. Tumbleweeds of fur. And this is coming from people who’ve had a lab for years. And it wasn’t just fur. We take them on tons of adventures so it was fur, dirt, mud, sticks, rocks, leaves, and probably things we don’t want to think about. We would vacuum with our full-sized Dyson vacuum  and would wake up the next morning with softball sized furballs on each stair and kettleball-sized furballs throughout the house. It was just too hard to use our huge Dyson for our townhouse and so The Boy went out and got us a Dyson Handheld: the Dyson DC35. I would say it has changed our lives but to publicly admit that a vacuum has changed my life before I’m 30 years old might age me a bit. So I’m going to instead say that this little handheld vac is capable of changing lives. How do you like my weasling out of that? Ha!

Ok, so there are a few things I love about this vacuum:

  • It’s light and easy to carry up and down flights of stairs
  • It comes with several detachable heads and an extension rod which makes it useful for probably everything.
    • The motorized head is the perfect size for stairs
    • The design allows everything to swivel which means you can put the vac parallel to the floor and very easily get under couches, chairs and the bed
    • The extension rod would make cleaning curtains very easy
  • Dyson advertising is true: the vac doesn’t lose suction*. It gets full of dust, dirt and dog hair very quickly but it keeps cleaning.
  • Battery powered!
    • Do I need to tell you why not having a cord is awesome? You don’t get trapped or knock things over or trip up the dogs or need to search for a socket, or accidentally unplug that thing you need to be plugged in, etc.
    • The battery life is awesome. We have a 2,000 square foot house and we can vacuum the entire place using the “max” setting and the motorized head (the combination of settings and tools that should drain the battery the fastest).
So is there anything wrong with it?
  • The dust collector bin is small. However, as I said, even though it fills quickly it continues to do its job. The small collector also allows it to be so light and easy to use so this is a qualified “minus”
  • The price. I’ve loved this thing for a while but I had no idea until I went to the Dyson website to write this blog post that it costs $330! Whoa! That is crazy! However, it could completely function as a stand-alone vacuum. Therefore, if you need a vacuum, or need to put something on your registry, or are rich, or have compulsive cleaning tendencies, or live with someone who is rich and has compulsive cleaning tendencies (ahem), this vacuum rocks.

*Ok, the scientist in me wonders if someone did some testing in a lab if it would lose some suction. However, for all intents and purposes, it continues to suck up anything in its path even when full. Good enough for vacuuming my house.