Review: Lululemon Speed Skirt

I’ve wanted a running skirt for ages but I’m pear shaped and on more than one occasion I’ve heard “OMG KAT! It’s your SONG!” when “Baby Got Back” came on. It’s hard for me to find anything that fits my little waist, big hips/booty and ultrarunner thighs. When lululemon got their new speed skirt in, I was eager to try it out, but had little hope. Nothing ever fits. And if it does fit, it’s not cute. This skirt was so cute so therefore there was no chance it would fit.

Basic A-line front. Wide waist band minimizes any muffin top and there are key/gel pockets in front.

Not for sale: woman’s amazing legs. Seriously unfair.

The back has a very functional pocket and the cutest ruffles ever. They swish when you run and make you feel adorable.

I put it on and it fit!! Not only did it fit it was flattering! And comfortable! And so functional! There were three pockets and the shorts under the skirt have rubber edges to keep them from riding up. It is short enough to be attractive but not so short that I feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. I literally hopped out of the dressing room and awkwardly proclaimed to everyone in the store “OMG! Look at it! It’s so cute! Isn’t it cute?!” The poor lone man in the store looked at me with a deer in headlights look and I stammered “Don’t feel like you need to answer that! But isn’t it cute?!?!?! It’s SO CUTE!” He sheepishly nodded at the crazy girl jumping around in her beautiful, swishy skirt (you think I’m exaggerating).

Ok, so it was cute and succeeded in turning me into a 15 year old valley girl, but could the skirt cut it on a run? I’ve taken it on a few runs, up to 10 miles, and it fits the bill. It’s comfortable, doesn’t chafe, stays put (no tugging at areas that are riding up), has functional pockets and the material is one of the best tech fabrics I’ve used (and I’ve used a lot of tech fabrics). I know this sounds insane, but this skirt makes me want to run. I want to put it on and feel fast and pretty while I run around town and on the trails. The ruffles are cutesy enough that it makes me push myself so I don’t feel like some lame chick in a ruffled skirt who can’t hang. In some ways it made me feel self-conscious because I felt like had something to prove, but if a skirt makes me feel pretty while encouraging me to work harder, then I’ll take it!