MIBA- Missing in blogging action

I have been missing in blogging action and I’m not sure why. Sure, I’ve been busy, but I was always busy. I’ve been somewhat less adventurous but still ski (now Tahoe!), hike (check out the view from this amazing 14 mile hike I did in Montana a few months ago), and have been up to some generally fun stuff (like failing to hike 7 mountains in Norway after landing 12 hours before). I’ve even started doing CrossFit.


I think some of it is that I identify less strongly with having an adventurous spirit now that I’m not ultra running and having associated major adventures, some is that I’m more focused on work, friends, and family (i.e. things that aren’t as suited for a blog), and some of it is that blogging just fell away. I’m going through a pretty big transitional period right now with work and so blogging could pick up, or maybe this will be the last post, but I at least have enough intention to renew this domain name for another year and say hi after a year of being gone. Here’s to wishing us all an adventure-filled 2016!