So this happened…

Meet the newest member of our family! This baby Bernese Mountain Dog is Wally’s 10 week old niece whose name is TBD. We are firmly stuck between Dizzy (thanks, longtime reader and friend, Ike for the suggestion) and Coda, although I think we’ve decided her AKC name will be Straight No Chaser (which tips me in the direction of Dizzy for a name!). She’s is amazing sweet, cuddly, playful and smart. 12688015_10104329041672638_9005833644266046494_n

She also loves her big brothers. I guessed it would take her 7 days to be little spoon, but it took closer to 24 hours.



She took our quiet world on rails and turned it upside down, and I am so glad she did! Welcome home, little lady (it sure is nice to have another girl around here!).