This weekend we lost the best of good dogs. Our sweet, gentle, affectionate, and funny old lab/retriever had heart cancer (omg, that’s seriously a thing?!) and in just a few hours we went from having three dogs vying for attention from friends at a puppy party to coming home with an empty collar as a two dog family once again. I’m thankful that he didn’t suffer and was as good as he ever was up until the end- wagging his tail when people came in the room and lapping up turkey gravy. We went on some big hikes together in the recent weeks and I have the happiest memories of him prancing beside me on our afternoon walks from Lululemon where we’d go to snag their dog treats. He loved to hike, swim, play in the snow, and keep me warm when we camped- he was the ultimate adventure partner and companion. He was great with kids and other dogs, and loved to be part of our family. Even as he got older and achy he would hobble upstairs to be with us at night, putting his big lab head near us and wagging that huge dense tail as he gazed up lovingly while we stroked his velvet ears. Our house and hearts feel empty without him, but we know that’s only a reflection of what an incredibly good boy he was. We love and miss you, Tyke.


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Our sweet old lab checking out the best place to jump in and cool off

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