The Non-Adventure Weekend

See that view? Does it convince you that we did something active and outdoorsy?


Claremont Canyon hike with the pups with view of SF and the Golden Gate

We sort of did something outdoorsy. This hike is just a few miles round trip from our house and it’s a short, steep leg and lung burner with a great view on a clear day. But, to be honest, we often stop to get brunch on our way up (french pastries!) and sometimes stop to get ice cream (nitrogenated blood orange with pistachio cookies!) on our way down. In this case, we did both. I only partially blame this on our 4 year old companion who was super good at facilitating food indulgence for adult humans, and toy indulgences for senior dogs. Not as active as Colorado, but certainly a nice way to spend a Sunday morning!


Old man is king of the toys