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2012 in Review

It’s been a hell of a year. I think we did it all. We got Wally. We traveled to Tuscany. I matched in Denver for my internship and The Boy started a new… Continue reading

Tumor Tyke

Our old, beloved, lab-retriever, Tyke went in yesterday to have a tumor removed from his shoulder. It’s possible it’s just a fatty lump, but it’s also possible that it’s a malignant tumor. Part… Continue reading

Rescuing Wally

In January, we rescued this little furball. Ok, he wasn’t a little furball, he was a giant furball. At 12 months old, Wally was a gorgeous 85 pound Bernese Mountain dog. He was… Continue reading

Hiking Lava Lake Montana

One of several hikes that I did while in Montana was the hike to Lava Lake in the Gallatin National Forest. I’ve been on a lot of trails and I must say that… Continue reading

What I take when I hike in the backcountry

I just came back from what should have been a 6 mile, low-key hike with the pups. Instead, we are cold, exhausted, drenched and a little freaked out because Mother Nature wanted to… Continue reading

First Week Living in Denver

Alright, so I’ve lived in Denver for a week. It’s still not “home” (we won’t get our things for at least another 5 days, or more than 3 weeks after we left Pittsburgh,… Continue reading

Busted Back

Today I was walking the beasts when I saw a friend across the street (one of the nice things about Pittsburgh is seeing people you know everywhere you go). We beamed at each… Continue reading

Meet Wally

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family: Waldemar Thorncreek Otho Baggins, or Wally, for short. Wally is a 13-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog that we rescued from a… Continue reading

Tyke on a Hike

When I was in Ottawa last weekend I stayed with Ray’s brother, John, who gave me so much invaluable training advice. When I proudly told him I recently had a big weekend with… Continue reading