Busted Back

Today I was walking the beasts when I saw a friend across the street (one of the nice things about Pittsburgh is seeing people you know everywhere you go). We beamed at each other and she flitted over. My dogs were smart to realize that this was a lovely, friendly person who was going to adore them but idiotic in thinking that bolting into the street was the only way it would happen. 120 pounds of Kat versus 180 pounds of dog and my bad back lost. So on a warm, beautiful day instead of playing I am loaded up on meds, kicking up in our zero gravity chair (purchased when The Boy had surgery on his shoulder last year), and using this as an excuse to drown my sorrows in ice cream. In an effort to positively reframe this is nowhere near as bad as other times I’ve tweaked my back and I realized it’s been over a year since something has aggravated it. This, my friends, is amazing progress after seasons spent unable to put on pants or tie my shoes and fearing every sneeze. Here’s hoping the strength I’ve been building leads to a quick recovery!