New Bike! And my first sponsor!

So the title says it all. This week I got my first sponsorship! I’ve been sponsored by Sugoi, an incredible Japanese run/bike/tri apparel company. I really love their stuff (their response jacket got… Continue reading

RR: Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic

I signed up for the Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic 50K as part of my training for JFK. It’s crazy to think that three months ago I wasn’t sure if I could run a… Continue reading

Open Water Redemption

In an effort to de-stress, relax and catch up with friends, I went on vacation last week before starting what is surely going to be a brutal semester. Seeing friends and family, laying… Continue reading

RR: Run Around the Square 2009

  Pre-Race I love this race. Half the reason I love this race is that it’s a trail 5K in a community that rallies around the run, and the other half is because… Continue reading

RR: Drake Well Marathon

  Pre-Race   I signed up for this race because it was two hours away, Dane, my friend and the RD, added a race day packet pick-up (thanks, Dane!), and I like taking… Continue reading

RR: Pittsburgh Triathlon

When I started this blog, I said I’d post the good, bad and ugly. This is the ugly. Pre-Race In 2007 my New Year’s resolution was to either do a triathlon or run… Continue reading

RR: Annie’s Run

  Pre-Race On Wednesday I run into Lucas, a new friend I recently met at a coffee shop, who is also running JFK. He’s a 6 time Ironman and a 6 time marathoner… Continue reading

JFK 50

  So running has taken me some crazy places (like Antarctica for starters). Running hasn’t just taken me far geographically, it’s also taken me far in terms of pushing my phsyical and mental… Continue reading

Impossible2Possible: 20 minutes with Ray Zahab

Ray Zahab ran 4,500 miles across the Sahara in 111 days, a feat documented in Running the Sahara. Last week, he released a TED talk in which discussed how he used running to… Continue reading

RR: Laurel Highlands 50K

Signing Up I’m not sure why I signed up. I spoke with Toby and a few other friends who run Ultras and the general advice I received was 1) train in similar conditions… Continue reading