Breville Juicer

2009 was the year of race reports. There are going to be lots of races (and therefore reports) this year, but I also thought I’d add something new: reviews. Not sure what exactly… Continue reading

Expedition Announcement!

I wanted to wish all of my wonderful readers a very happy holidays! I hope that Santa brings you stockings full of PRs, good health, gingerbread gu and eggnogg Inifinit nutrition I’m about… Continue reading

Winter Wonderland Run

Yesterday Pittsburgh got its first snowfall. We only had about 6 inches but the roads were bad enough that neither me nor my friend wanted to drive to yoga so I curled up… Continue reading


The Huarpi people of Argentina use the word “Tamari” to describe people who “do everything with passion.” I try to live my life that way- usually I talk about my passion for endurance… Continue reading

Do things you fear: Taking my own advice

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about doing things that scare you. Well, I’ve been taking my own stupid advice (why do you guys listen to someone who paid to run… Continue reading

RR: JFK 50

This weekend I toed the line at the JFK50, one of the most prestigious and historical 50 mile races in the nation; if I finished it, it would be my first 50 miler.… Continue reading

How to start running by conquering your fears (AKA Proof Kat reads too much Zen Habits based on the title of this post)

A while ago, a few blog readers asked me how I started running. I spent a long time typing up a blog post addressing that question but it didn’t resonate. I think it… Continue reading

Update: impossible2Possible

Just a quick update on my involvement with Ray Zahab ’s incredible organization impossible2Possible. I should be packing to head to Ottawa to help staff a youth camp but the camp was pushed… Continue reading

RR: Marine Corps Marathon 2009

The 2009 MCM was my 9th marathon, my 7th since March. The goal of this race was yet another training run for JFK50 (total training races: 2 marathons and 2 ultras), but after… Continue reading

RR: Bawlmer (Baltimore) Marathon 2009, Hon.

  Background: The 2004 Baltimore half-marathon was my first-ever distance beyond 10K. I had a miserable race and crossed the finish line proclaiming to my support crew that I would never run again.… Continue reading