RR: Pittsburgh Marathon

  Pre-Race Like Shamrock, I have no goals for the Pittsburgh marathon other than to have fun. I skipped my 20 miler between Shamrock and Pittsburgh and I don’t know what effect two… Continue reading

Girls on the Run is so much fun! Whoooooo!

  Today we took our team picture for this year’s Girls on the Run program. For those of you unfamiliar with GOTR, it’s a program that trains 3rd-5th grade girls for a 5K… Continue reading

Spring Fling

Dear running, I love you. You keep me healthy and strong. I eat better and am more balanced when I am with you. Together we have traveled the world and I am a… Continue reading

RR: Shamrock Marathon

In a very last minute decision I decided to run the Shamrock marathon. I needed to get out of Pittsburgh and Isaac, Michelle and Mike made the stars align. I’ve never run two… Continue reading

RR: The Antarctica Marathon

  “When you see someone putting on his running shoes, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is about to happen.”  ~Winnie the Pooh Pre-Race I awaken to Rupert, our German expedition… Continue reading

Charity: The Final Pre-Antarctica Update

  It is with great nervousness and excitement that I begin the last blog post before I run the Antarctica Marathon. My bags are packed, my cat is in his temporary new home,… Continue reading

An Open Letter to the City of Pittsburgh

  Dear Pittsburgh,   I have been a resident for two and a half years. You have helped me attain an education in affiliation with one of the best psychiatric hospitals in the… Continue reading

RR: Marine Corps Marathon 2008

  On Sunday I ran my second marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon. After a summer full of strong and consistent training, quality cross-training and finally feeling like I had this marathoning thing down,… Continue reading

RR: The Great Race 10K

  Yesterday I ran Pittsburgh’s The Great Race. It is one of the largest road races in America and the largest 10K in PA. Last year I had my PR (51:15) on the… Continue reading

20 Miles at Elorapalooza

  Today I was up at 5:30 to run 20 miles around the lake at beautiful North Park. Pre-20 I get to the boathouse around 7 (it’s at least a half an hour… Continue reading