Do things you fear: Taking my own advice

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about doing things that scare you. Well, I’ve been taking my own stupid advice (why do you guys listen to someone who paid to run 50 miles? Seriously, people!) and thought I should post an update.

I have serious bike fear. The only reason I opt to write about it is because now that I can run I wish I had better documented some of my growing pains from early in my running career. So I’m documenting myself smack dab in the middle of my awkward bike adolescence. And it is SO awkward. Painfully (literally) awkward.

On Saturday I asked a friend if he was free for a drink or interested in an easy bike ride. The Kona qualifier would pick the bike ride (insert melodramatic teenage girl exasperated sigh complete with eye roll here). Granted, it was 60 degrees and sunshine in Pittsburgh in November so for anyone but him it would have been a smart decision. I’m not sure he realized what he was getting himself into even though I warned him that I sucked and was still learning on my stupid new clipless pedals (i.e. the bane of my left knee’s existence). On an easy ride I fell twice. I’m not sure why the most uncoordinated person in the world (me) thought that I could do this. Not only did I fall twice, once I fell and almost took him out (I thought I didn’t have an ego, but that was embarassing). He was a great sport, I had a great time, but it is laughable how far I have to go. But man, if I make it, it’s going to be one hell of a story.

We biked downtown by the Christmas tree at PPG place. It was so pretty!

Now that I’m cutting back on my running a bit I decided to add some fun things, like Crossfit, to the mix. Hmmmm, did I just say “fun” and “Crossfit” in the same sentence? Stupid, stupid, stupid. It’s like I find things that are going to suck and decide they’re the newest coolest best thing ever and I must do them. My friend Zach (hi Zach! He claims he reads this blog and uses channel factors to bump me to the top of his reader) beats the crap out of people for fun (i.e. plays rugby) and offered to introduce me to Crossfit. As a newbie, Mike, the owner, was super amazing and pulled me out of the group workout for a baseline assessment and to teach me some basics. Guys, do you want to know what girls love to hear? I’m going to tell you. After running 50 miles 10 days ago and doing a baseline fitness test, girls LOVE having a guy tell you, “You’re not in bad shape.” Not in bad shape? You’ve gotta be f*ing kidding me. I’m not going to win any pull up challenges, but whoa, seriously? Granted, this is a totally different ball game and maybe Mike was strategic in his wording after pegging me as the competitive type, but you’d better believe the only thing I want to do now is kick my own ass into frigg’n amazing shape. Take that baseline.

Also, stay tuned: I’m debating a (no-joke) record-breaking athletic feat in the next month or two and was invited to compete with a friend in a 4 deserts race in 2010. I have friends who are bad influences in that they give me good ideas But I’ve gotta get into shape first!