Expedition Announcement!

I wanted to wish all of my wonderful readers a very happy holidays! I hope that Santa brings you stockings full of PRs, good health, gingerbread gu and eggnogg Inifinit nutrition

I’m about to meet my brother’s new girlfriend so I need to keep this short, but Santa came early and brought me something incredible yesterday. I remember when my current boss, Brooke, called me to give me an offer to grad school it sounded too good to be true and I wasn’t sure if I had just made up in my head that she was giving me an offer so I asked her to repeat herself Yesterday I planned a phone conference with Ray Zahab on my drive home and (I’m nervous to even type this, I can’t believe it’s true) he invited me to go on an expedition this Fall! Ray wants ME to join HIM on an EXPEDITION!!! I didn’t have a chance to ask him to repeat himself because he was so excited I said yes that we started talking logistics right away. Past expeditions have included Antarctica, and this spring we’re gearing up for Tunisia and Siberia. The location of this expedition hasn’t been announced, but trust me, it’s awesome. I’ll be with Ray and some other amazing athletes in an exotic location accomplishing incredible physical feats all while teaching and inspiring kids. Santa was very good to me this year