Climbing Wall

In the week since I found out I’m moving to Denver I have bought new ski pants, talked to my nationally-ranked skiier friend about what skis I should buy, researched and test drove new gear cars, found out Denver has 850 miles of bike trails, and took the Boy on a date to the climbing wall. If it’s unclear, I am totally eager to embrace my new access to the outdoors. As Tony Horton would say: Bring it!

I have scraggly little arms (a quick measure shows the biggest part of my forearms is the size of the Boy’s wrist) so I want to get in climbing shape so that when I’m in Denver I’ve minimized some of the learning/fitness curve. The Boy has been climbing for ages and considering his catastrophic shoulder injury last year, he was incredible, just gliding up the walls. I sailed up the VBs, cruised up the V0s and then started to have a bit of fun on the V1s. My fingers are soft (and now blistered), my grip strength has room for strengthening, but I love climbing. I love that it’s a puzzle and I literally get to think on my feet. I am stubborn and like challenges so my successes were fun but less enjoyable than the process of hopping down from a failed attempt, regrouping, thinking about it, and trying again. I ended on a high note and am excited to go back and develop my strength and skills.