Moving from Pittsburgh to Denver

So we kind of survived the move.

Last Thursday we packed up our beautiful home in Pittsburgh, loaded 3 of 4 of our bikes on the a new Thule rack (amazing, but horrible to install in the 11th hour), put the dogs in the Jeep, The Boy in the Audi, and drove 24 hours from Pittsburgh to Denver, Colorado.

Our babies.
Thank you kind people in Terre Haute, Indiana and Abilene, Kansas, for not taking in interest in them.

Thankfully, the move was mostly without adventure, however there were two notable close calls:

  1. At the end of our third day of driving we were caught in a microburst- 80 mph winds (hard on a big Jeep loaded with bikes), tornados touching down around us and generally gnarly conditions. A quick decision to exit allowed us to pull into a gas station just in time to witness it’s roof blow off. Thankfully no one was hurt and after the storm cleared we made it to our new home.
  2. Once we unpacked the cars we decided to go to the Whole Foods for some staples and heard a funny noise coming from the rear wheel of the Audi. A closer inspection revealed a one foot long metal… spear!?… wedged in the rubber protecting the tire. If it would have hit anywhere else on the car at the speeds we were driving, it could have been catastrophic. Close call.

I am very thankful for the friends who wished us safe travels.

We still don’t have our things*, but we were able to unpack what was in the car. We have met our neighbors (oddly, one of our neighbors is the brother of a girl I knew in Pittsburgh), tried out a few coffee shops, met some local dogs (Berners! Newfies! Danes!) and also checked out the Sunday farmer’s market that is just two blocks away from us. I’m in Pittsburgh for the week wrapping up loose ends (i.e. finishing my dissertation analyses which are now DONE!), but I can’t wait to (hopefully) get our belongings and begin to nest in our new, beautiful home.

Outdoor fire pit! The yard is divided into four sections: a two car garage, a garden (below) and the patio and grass area seen here.

Growing welcome baskets planted by our landlords

Gorgeous master shower

Small but updated and nicely appointed kitchen (this was immediately after we unloaded the cars so it’s a bit cluttered)

Welcome home!

*That is an entirely separate moving horror story. In short the forman left our job, the movers packed some of our personal belongings in their personal vehicles and we were told that we would receive a 48 delivery window 6 days ago, yet they have not called us or returned our calls. Contractually we have until the 13th to get us our things but right now I’m unfortunately not very optimistic.