Surprise Holidays

Yesterday was weird because I was providing mental health services at a high school in suburban Denver while a student was walking into a different suburban Denver high school with a shotgun. I left my school to hit the pool (I regret that I now have two experiences where working out has provided solace when there are shootings that hit home) and after a workout that included 1800 meters of pulling (about 800 of those with one arm), I was emotional, hungry, and tired. Because I was at a school yesterday I was up early enough I had a lame breakfast, then I was busy enough I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch. That resulted in me coming home after my workout to eat two pieces of cold chicken pot pie with my hands as though they were pieces of pizza and still being hungry. Don’t judge.

While doing errands with The Boy I crankily (hangrily?) proclaimed as we walked past a row of Christmas trees that I was sad we didn’t have a tree and that I wanted to make holiday traditions a priority moving forward.

This morning we got up early and much to my surprise and delight, The Boy went to get a little table top tree and some (hippy organic) eggnog. We added eggnog to our coffee, tortured our dogs (see below), and now have a cute little tree decorated with family ornaments, and a new tradition (a big breakfast and eggnog lattes for morning tree decorating).


Although he was initially reluctant, Wally was game once he realized that being wrapped in lights would bring him attention


Tyke was a better sport than Wally but wouldn’t even look at me he was so shamed. Nobody put’s Tycho in a corner…. er….

Coincidentally, I also happened to see this video, which behind Elf, is the video that brings me the most Christmas cheer. If you don’t laugh so hard you almost cry, stop reading my blog because you’re lame and I don’t get you.

Tonight I’m going to bring any sea salt nutella fudge that I don’t eat after my long run to a friend’s holiday party, that will include a Christmas Beer game (I don’t know what it is exactly, but Christmas, beer and friends are pretty much all I need). I may or may not have gotten their sweet dog, Chloe, a Christmas costume. Outright admitting that I did get Chloe a Christmas dress in the context of the rest of this post would make me seem pretty weird, but being weird about dogs and the holidays is pretty ok with me.

What (eccentric) holiday traditions do you have?