Big News! We’re moving to…

Drumroll please…

We’re trading the mountains for the ocean and we’re moving to Berkeley!

View of Berkeley, courtesy of Kaplan via the web


What?! Why?! When?

The short version is that I married up, and my very talented husband was offered a job we couldn’t refuse. We leave at the end of March.

Aren’t you going to miss Colorado?

I am going to miss Colorado tremendously. Colorado is the first place that I have felt like I make sense. I love the people, the access to the outdoors, the beer, and the values (e.g. being dog-friendly and health focused). A contingency on moving was that we come back twice a year (once in the summer, and once in the winter) to do Colorado things with our Colorado friends.

I thought your job in Colorado was your dream job?

It is, which made the decision very difficult. I have tremendous colleagues and supportive mentors that are some of the best in the business. I am very thankful that I’ll continue to collaborate with them.

What about Ironman?

I’m back to training after pneumonia took me out of the game for a while. Regrettably, I’m ambivalent about Ironman. On one hand, I think that training would be a great organizing principle during a chaotic transition. On the other hand, I feel as though I have so much on my plate, and since I’m not sure what my new work culture will be like, I’m not sure how far down the rabbit hole I want to go. Plus, I lose my home-town and altitude advantages. Basically, no decision yet, but I’m going to keep up the training until I decide.

If you move to California, what will happen to your blog full of beer, ski adventures, and playing in the mountains?

While Berkeley is not Denver, I am determined to continue to have adventures. We’ve decided we’re keeping our season ski pass which serves mountains in Colorado, Utah, and Tahoe, and if I’m unemployed, I might see if I can live in Tahoe for the month of April to ski. I’ve found some gorgeous campsites for the summer (some are boat access only), and I hear that the Berkeley Hills offer some great terrain for hiking and biking. Adventure is a bit further in California than it is in Colorado, but I’ve been to Antarctica, so this girl is willing to travel. As I told my friend, I’m looking at this move though a lens of curious adventure- let’s see what there is to find.