Ironman Boulder Training: Week 2

2 weeks ago I started to get in shape to get in shape for the Boulder Ironman. Here’s how it’s shaking out: Swim: I love swimming and am so happy to be back… Continue reading

First day of Ironman Boulder Training

After years of dreaming Ironman, today is my first day of training. When I trained for my first marathon and then turned into an ultrarunner, I always wished that I had better documented… Continue reading

(Failed?) Fall Fun

It’s Fall in Colorado and I was on a mission to enjoy the changing aspens this weekend. Plan 1: Go car camping with friends on the Kebler Pass in Crested Butte. We got… Continue reading

I’m Married!

I’m married! But maybe the most exciting part of that announcement is that I’ve been married for a year! Remember when The Boy and I watched the sunrise from Summit Lake on Mt.… Continue reading

Shelf Lake

Friday after work I gathered with some friends to camp in Pike National Forest. We found some incredible dispersed camping along Geneva Creek Road and I was very thankful for my Jeep, which… Continue reading

Mohawk Lake in Breckenridge, Colorado

Today I set off with Wally to hike 7 miles round trip to Upper and Lower Mohawk Lake near Breckenridge, Colorado. The morning started beautifully, I just love how the sun catches the… Continue reading

2 Weddings and 2 14ers

1 month: 1 doctorate, 2 weddings, 2 fourteeners and a grant. I’m tired. Wedding #1 was our dear friend Missy who got married on her family island in the Thousand Islands in Canada.… Continue reading

I’m a doctor!

Well, the title just about says it all! After 7 years I just successfully defended my dissertation on differential peer socialization to drinking in early adulthood in individuals with and without ADHD and… Continue reading

Backpacking Lake Constantine

With my dissertation defense coming up on Friday (eek!) I’ve been working crazy hours and stressed as stressed can be. Part of me wanted to bail on a backpacking trip we had planned… Continue reading

Ironman Boulder 2014: An Oblortunity

Scene: 0659 on Tuesday, July 16th. I am at the kitchen table with The Boy and we are drinking coffee and listening to NPR. I am waiting for the clock to strike 0700… Continue reading