Ski Bums

We went skiing this weekend! The Boy is a total pro on a snowboard (he was sponsored as a youngster) and living in Colorado we were both really excited to get as many… Continue reading

i2P goes to Botswana!

impossible2Possible is about to start their next expedition: Expedition Botswana! Check out the website– on October 29th Ray Zahab (of Running the Sahara fame) and the team are going to spend nearly two… Continue reading

Rescuing Wally

In January, we rescued this little furball. Ok, he wasn’t a little furball, he was a giant furball. At 12 months old, Wally was a gorgeous 85 pound Bernese Mountain dog. He was… Continue reading

Playing Dress Up

This weekend one of my best friends got married. He and I grew up together and have lots in common (like a love of good whiskey and a knack for getting into trouble… Continue reading

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupakes

The support staff I work with is exceedingly amazing and incredible. As an attempted thank you to them I want to bring them cupcakes and had to get over my fear of high-altitude… Continue reading

Mt. Evans Sunrise

This morning me and The Boy woke up at 4 am to catch the sunrise at Mt. Evans. The Mt. Evans bypass is the highest paved road in the US and even though… Continue reading

Four weekends of fun

I’ve been MIA because we have been BUSY! B.U.S.Y BUSY! First … we went to Montana for The Boy’s brothers’ 5th annual summer party. It involved a pig roast, a live band, and… Continue reading

First Week of Work

I was a train wreck this week. The Boy is out of town* so I was flying solo and everything was new: waking up at 5 am, driving to work (I used to… Continue reading

My Last First Day of School

Today was my last first day of school. I proudly entered the 23rd grade (really); it’s  my final training  year as a psychology resident before I earn my doctorate. I noticed some similarities… Continue reading

Quandary Peak: My first 14er!

I hiked Quandary Peak this weekend with some friends and checked something off my Colorado bucket list: a 14er! Quandary is just outside of Breckenridge and has some really beautiful views of the… Continue reading