Things I learned in Montana

I like to ski

The Cyclist got me a lesson for Christmas and it’s amazing how much fun skiing can be when you are in control and not afraid that you are going to die

I can ski black moguls without dying   

This does not mean that I meant to ski said moguls or that I would do so in the near future, but I now know that in the event that I am faced with moguls, I can get down them.

Montanans are the nicest people ever

Seriously. So many examples, but check this out: On New Years my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend lost her purse. We tipped the bartender who was being so helpful in trying to help us track it down. The next night we’re at the same bar and the bartender comes up, asks if we found the purse and then gave us back his tip (!) because he said he didn’t do anything to help us find it. Seriously?

There are people who ship food from Louisiana on dry ice. These people can cook spectacular meals

Scotty, the green beret husband of the Cyclist’s high school friend, made the most incredible authentic Cajun meal. I learned why people say it’s so good you’ll slap ‘yo mama. I would have slapped Scotty, but he could have killed me with his bare hands.

Squirrel is not only edible, but makes a nice gravy (so I’ve been told)

But I would only trust Scotty to make it.

Yurts can be quite warm and snowcats can be quite cold

If you would have ever told me that I would spend New Years dinner in a yurt I wouldn’t have believed you. But we snowcatted up to one, had an incredible dinner and then went out on the town. Awesome.

Our dinner yurt.Snowcat on the left.

Cold Smoke is my new favorite beer. It’s also good snow for skiing.

-25 is a temperature that exists and that I can survive

I love skiing so much I went out in two days where it was -10. The Cyclist lied to me and told me it was +10 but I should dress warm. Then I saw the thermometer off the lift. Then I skied. Then I thought I would lose my toes to frostbite so I went to the bar and drank Cold Smoke.

My prospective nieces are totally insanely cute

The Cyclist can snowboard! Really well!

I love watching people be athletic. I really love watching my man who I am so used to seeing write mathematical algorithms, cook lovely dinners and cuddle with me totally tear up a mountain on a snowboard. He is so happy when he’s on a mountain and it brightens me to see him in his element.

I find really good snowboarders with neon green Naronas, white moon boots and amazing frosty mustaches fantastically sexy.      

Don’t you?