Lululemon running workshop

Lucas and I* have been talking about doing a workshop for runners for ages, and finally did this morning, with the help of the amazing ladies at Pittsburgh’s lululemon. Lucas and I are totally different athletes with very different goals and training philosophies but we both believe in the benefits of balance, doing what you enjoy, and using mental strategies to maximize your physical potential- so that’s what we presented. I presented information that was based loosely on my Communiteach talk and my belief that fear inhibits lots of people from doing things they would do otherwise.We had a great group of people and we capped off the talk with a run led by Lucas (I’m still way too sick to run). It was awesome!

Icing on the cake? At the end of the workshop, the manager Mere, came out with a bouquet of flowers and said that she wanted me to be one of lululemon’s running ambassadors! Not only are they being amazing by letting me join their team, but they got me flowers?! I had applied a while ago and have loved building my relationship with the people and the company and am so pleasantly surprised that I’ll get to continue working with Lucas (the other Pittsburgh running ambassador) and the lovely lulu ladies!

Me, Mere, Lucas and Chelsea

*You remember Lucas from JFK and Annie’s Run.