Running on Empty

I met Marhsall Ulrich in October 2010 when we were both guides for i2P’s Amazon Expedition. Marshall is a spectacular athlete and an even better man (yes, it’s possible).  He’s written a book and although I haven’t had a chance to read it (it’s not out yet), I can guarantee that it will be a brilliant must-read for every athlete. You can pre-order on Amazon.

From the dust jacket:

A fascinating glimpse inside the mind of an “Endurance  King” and the inspirational saga of his run across America.

… Marshall Ulrich is the ultimate extreme athlete. He has run more  than one hundred foot races averaging more than 125 miles each,  completed twelve expedition-length adventure races, and ascended the  Seven Summits (including Mount Everest) all on his first attempt. But  his transcontinental run—the equivalent of running two marathons and a  10K every day for nearly two months straight—proved to be his most  challenging effort yet. He has said that an average day of running  across the United States was the equivalent of his toughest day on  Everest.

The dramatic race from San Francisco to New York resulted in Ulrich  clocking the third-fastest trans-American crossing to date and set new  records in multiple divisions.

In ”Running on Empty,” he shares the gritty backstory, including  brushes with death, run-ins with the police, and the excruciating  punishments he endured at the mercy of his maxed-out body. Ulrich also  reaches back nearly thirty years to when the death of the woman he loved  drove him to begin running—and his dawning realization that he felt  truly alive only when pushed to the limits. …

As a bonus, for those of you who pre-order before March 1, Marshall has set up a series of incentives that you can read about here.