Being Active

When people find out about my athletic history the question that I am always asked is: “What’s next?”

The problem is I don’t know. And the good part is that I kind of like it that way.

This year is going to be full of lots of big changes and my eyes are on the school and relationship prizes. To be honest, I just don’t have enough resources to train 20 hours a week, maintain a relationship, an active social life and work on a Ph.D. Looks like I’m human. But that’s not to say that being active isn’t still a big part of my life, I just have a different relationship with physical activity.

I’ve become pretty obsessed with Bikram yoga. I love the practice and the studio. It mellows me out, makes me bendy and balanced and I like that it is a practice that forces me to be patient with myself.

I’ve been walking. A lot. With the move I walk to work and walk around campus and walk to see friends and walk and walk and walk. I live less than a mile from the park and now that I live with Tyke I take him for a several hour walk at least once a week. I walk with friends and I just love being in a community that allows me to explore on foot.

I’ve also been (wait for it)- BIKING! Seriously. The Boy got this beauty and he’s been helping me get comfortable on my beauty.

Seven + Campy = I may never see my boyfriend again

We live in the city so we’ve been doing urban rides which involve lots of pothole dodging and awareness of doors, but he’s coaching me on technique and I’ve been feeling pretty good on a bike. I’m even considering bike commuting instead of walking to work. On Sunday we spent four hours tooling around town on our bikes- going to brunch, hitting up the bike shop, wandering over to Whole Foods and then to a local arts festival.

In exchange for him getting me out on a bike, I’ve been getting him out on the trails. I’m totally proud that he completed his first trail race on Saturday! It’s my favorite race in the whole city, but it’s a hard, hilly, trail run and he’s still recovering from his shoulder injuries and he did wonderfully! We ran together and just had an awesome time. It doesn’t hurt that he took me out for a celebratory cupcake on our way home We’re also signed up for the Great Race 10K and have at least 2 charity 5Ks in the Fall.

In a few weeks we head out for a West Coast Tour, stopping in Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego. We are so excited to see friends, particularly our friend in San Diego who lives on the beach and has a stand up paddle board. I might try to make it for a swim in La Jolla, and I can’t wait to get out and explore the trails, sand and ocean!