I love Love

On this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to publicly adore my partner. Today I love him not because I’m supposed to, but because he loves me every day, making it very easy to love him right back. Chocolates Cheese and flowers are not for special occasions, they are some of the regular small but meaningful ways that he shows me that he cares. We share so much laugher and he has brought more joy into my life than I knew was possible. We have a beautiful home that is brightened by our family and friends and we have created the most wonderfully chaotic little family of big dogs. Watching him care for the pups has shown me that he is one of the most nurturing  people I have ever known and I can’t wait for our kids to be loved by him. When I first met Love, I knew that I wanted him in my life, at a minimum as a friend; he made it clear within the first few  minutes that he was brilliant, funny, generous, kind and engaging. Now, years later, I am so thankful that he trusts me to be his partner. I respect him tremendously and I am eager to love him every day moving forward. So, on this Valentine’s Day, I don’t proclaim my love because it is any different today, but because today is one of the only days that it is socially acceptable to embarrass him the way that I just have 😉