I’m a sucker for New Years Resolutions. Pretty much every year barring injury I’ve completed my New Years resolution: it’s how I ran my first marathon, did my first triathlon, got involved in volunteering with Girls on the Run, and is responsible this year for why yesterday, at a baby shower, the mother-to-be said “I hope it’s not P90X” when opening her present (don’t worry, it was a baby thermometer).

The Boy and I have been working to stay active and healthy while traveling and suffering the Pittsburgh winters (yesterday it felt like 6!). In December and January I flew nearly 50,000 miles to 10 cities on both coasts to interview for my clinical psychology internship. I tried to work out where I could but when I finished up on January 20th I was ready to get moving with some purpose and so, with the help of Tony Horton I’m bringing it.

I’ve been doing the workouts with The Boy and his best friend, Sean, who is staying with us while they start a business. We all have very different strengths and weaknesses (my strength: endurance; my weakness: tiny little t-rex arms) but are all loving the program. The first day was chest and back which translates into pushups and pull-ups. Diamond pushups, military pushups, wide arm pushups, regular pushups, dive bomber pushups- you get the idea. At one point I was laying on the ground after my arms failed me and I turned to Dave and moaned “How will we do anything tomorrow if none of us will be able to use our arms?” I was serious. I was sore the first day but haven’t been sore since. The thing that has amazed me and has kept me going back is how quickly I’ve increased my strength. The ab ripper X DVD is 16 minutes of ab burning core work you are supposed to do 3 times a week. The first day I did what I could (which was not much); the second day I told myself I’d do 10 reps of each exercise (you’re supposed to do 25); by yesterday (day 7) I was able to do the entire workout with the exception of these oblique crunch things which I still did 15 of on each side. Two weeks and I went from suffering to finishing. I love seeing fast progress.

I think P90X’s success comes from a few places:

  1. It’s easy to do at home
  2. The different DVDs mix things up and keep things interesting
  3. Anyone can do anything for a minute (most exercises are only a minute or less before you switch)
  4. Whether it’s a leg day or an arm day, the workouts are all total body which means that…
  5. Results are fast

I’m liking P90X but I’m only just starting the 3rd week. You will surely be hearing more about my progress as I go! Have you had success with P90X?