48 Hours in DC: Wine and Sailing

This DC girl is about to load up her Jeep, her dogs and move to the mountains with her Montana man. It was time to go home and say goodbye to my family and friends so I spent 48 in DC drinking wine and sailing.


My Uncle collects two things: wine and art. He was the one who introduced me and The Boy to Italian wine and his bottles were always the standard we held other bottles to.  I stopped by his place to go to dinner and he offered me my choice of some of his best bottles and I had to check out a 2004 Brunello from the region in Tuscany where we were earlier this month. It was fantastic and the only thing better that night was my Uncle and Aunt’s great company.


My buddy’s 30th birthday is coming up so his girlfriend planned for a party bus to take us to some Virginia wineries for wine tasting. I have to say that I didn’t get to spend too much time enjoying the wine because I was pulled away to negotiate on, and ultimately accept, an offer on my condo!

Chateau O’Brien

I finished Saturday night by grabbing dinner and a beer with my brother and his girlfriend, and then crashing at one of my best friend’s houses where our other great friend was staying. It seems very simple, but it was overwhelming to have so much good in one day. Selling my house for a profit, enjoying a birthday celebration in wineries with friends, hanging out with my brother and catching up with my newly engaged best friend. There was so much to be happy about.


My mom’s birthday is also coming up so she invited us to go sailing in Annapolis. Before she retired she was a very successful business woman so in her retirement she bought a 48 foot sailing yacht and a 56 foot motor yacht.

Penniless Now

Video of Penniless Once before my mom bought her

It was an incredible day for sailing, but again the company was what made the day. It was so wonderful to spend the day with my family just hanging out, eating shrimp with Old Bay (I have totally been away from MD too long and forgot all about Old Bay) and snapping pictures.

Me and my mom

Baby brother and his girl

Our pup, Zak, and a family friend

In all it was a great weekend with people that I love. It was sad to leave and come back to Pittsburgh and I only hope that I can make it back to DC more than I have recently. With views like this I’m not sure what’s keeping me away.