Happy Pilates Day! My First Pilates Class

Happy Pilates Day!

That’s a thing? Yes it is!

In honor of  National Pilates Day my local lululemon store had a community Pilates class. I went because a) I’ll try pretty much anything once and b) the new house in Denver is two short blocks from a Pilates studio so I wanted to check out what a mat class is like. I’m posting about it because before I got home there were already pictures of me at my first pilates class on the internet (thanks, lulu!) so I figure I should address that this actually happened.

Our instructor, Tracy Janczak, was funny and spunky and that kept me motivated because I was focusing on her sense of humor as opposed to how much my [core/biceps/triceps/glutes/hamstrings/part of body] was burning. It was one of the very few yoga-esque classes I’ve taken where I’ve laughed and smiled honestly because I was enjoying myself as opposed to smiling when the instructor points out that I’m tense trying to hold a pose. She also listened to music which was so great because I had external beats to focus on. It was a short class and the instructor said that she skipped some things she usually does but she did a great job of hitting all the major muscle groups. I mentioned to her that I was new to Pilates and had some back problems and she was responsive, checking in during class (which I really appreciate). I didn’t break a sweat but I feel like I’ll be sore tomorrow which is one of my favorite things about a workout! I’m definitely going to be visiting my new Pilates studio when I move!

I’m center bottom, black and grey top with black capris

I used a shine serum on my hair last night and I can definitely notice it in this picture. I’d rather you focus on my shiny hair than the fact that I’m at my first mat class 😉


Have you done pilates? What did you think?