First Week of Work

I was a train wreck this week. The Boy is out of town* so I was flying solo and everything was new: waking up at 5 am, driving to work (I used to walk), navigating a new city (what’s the best way to get to work at different times of day?), packing a lunch, packing a gym bag, and taking care of the dogs (usually handled by The Boy). There were a few things that went wrong as a result. In no particular order:

  • I set off my car alarm looking for my keys at 5 am.
  • I put mint lime simple syrup** in my coffee instead of vanilla simple syrup
  • I almost forgot all of my undergarments when packing a bag of work clothes to go to the gym. Seriously, half way out the door without a bra.
  • I forgot to brush my teeth one morning. I just woke up, walked the dogs, and rolled to the gym where thankfully I had a spare toothbrush in my makeup bag.
  • I was so tired one night that I made a salad in a bag*** and didn’t have the energy to put it in a bowl so I just ate it out of the bag. Problems with this approach include a) the bag was coated in salad dressing so it was messy; b) it’s hard to stab salad ingredients when there is no surface to push your fork against.
  • I drove over the curb of the Whole Foods. Just thought there was a driveway and there wasn’t. Thank goodness I was in the Jeep and not the Audi.
  • I went to the park with my hair in hot rollers. I had 15 minutes to walk the dogs before I had to leave for work and since I don’t know too many people in town I opted to multitask and walk the dogs while my hair set. Our park is on a reasonably busy street so no doubt I got some confused looks and I fear that thanks to mobile technology I am on the internet somewhere as “that girl.” I don’t even want to give further thought to the possible definitions of “that girl.” Ugh.

It was by no means my most elegant of weeks but me and the dogs survived and I still have a job. I’ve gotta say, though, I’m looking forward to a bit more of a routine. Here’s hoping that next week is a little smoother!


*While in San Diego he got us a surf board for our San Diego house! Yes!!!

**I also put mint lime simple syrup in some whipping cream to make an incredibly yummy topping for fresh raspberries. Oh yeah, it was good.

***Pro tip: shaking a salad in a ziplock bag with dressing allows for even dressing distribution. And possibly obviates the need for plates (bachelor tip?)