Four weekends of fun

I’ve been MIA because we have been BUSY! B.U.S.Y BUSY!


… we went to Montana for The Boy’s brothers’ 5th annual summer party. It involved a pig roast, a live band, and a lot of fun (sorry, pictures are living on my camera)


… we went to Charleston, South Carolina for some beachy wedding fun. Not only were our good friends getting hitched, but The Boy was the officiant. Our friends are really creative so the wedding was pretty untraditional- it involved a QR code game, slap bracelets, and a midnight hunt for bioluminescent algae in the ocean. Fun, fun, so much fun!

My date was really cute. I’m only a little biased.


… The Boys’ parents came to town and we had a great time taking them to Mount Falcon, eating like Kings and Queens and going to the Broncos/Steelers home opener! We are crazy Steelers fans, his step-mom is a crazy Broncos fan and we had a blast! The Broncos fans were so gracious and it was an awesome way to feel like part of a new city.

40 yard line club level awesomeness from my generous to-be in-laws


… we went to Fort Collins for a little brewery hopping action with my college buddy, his girlfriend and their new puppy! Meet Chomper! The super cute 10 week old Shepard/Malamute mix was our amazing little mascot.

James and Chomper

We had a great time at New Belgium- they have awesome beer, a kick’n patio with a giant shuffleboard-type game, and all proceeds to go charity. Super win. We also went to Funkwerks which had really well-done saisons. Finishing up our day with this view on the drive home was icing on the cake.

Rocky sunset

The best part is that even though we’ve had four weeks of fun, it’s not over yet! Our next 6 weeks are packed with friends, family, adventure, and more weddings. Stay tuned!