Mt. Evans Sunrise

This morning me and The Boy woke up at 4 am to catch the sunrise at Mt. Evans. The Mt. Evans bypass is the highest paved road in the US and even though the section to the summit was already closed for the winter (yes, it is in fact still technically summer), we were able to make it to Summit Lake. We packed a breakfast of coffee, OJ, bagels and lox, yogurt and fresh fruit, and a yummy little  serving of creme brûlée. It was cold (in the 20s) and windy, but the sunrise will be one I’ll never forget.

All bundled up

Chicago Lakes

Summit Lake

Lincoln Lake

Aspens starting to change

It was really beautiful, we saw wildlife (deer, rabbits and mice), and I’ve never seen the colors change on an aspen. Living on the East Coast for my entire life, I am used to the reds and oranges of Fall, but the small golden leaves of the aspens shimmering in the wind nestled among the pines took my breath away. Today is a day that we’ll tell our grandkids about.