Starting to workout is hard

The Boy and I joined a gym when we moved to Colorado.  It was voted the best in Denver and has really competent and motivating instructors that lead loads of classes including, but not limited to TRX, ballet barre, indo-row, cycling, and yoga. I’m out of shape for me, but pretty in shape compared to the general population, and something smacked me right in the face when I started to work out again: starting to work out is the hardest part.

A few things I noticed:

  • I felt insecure when I went to a new class. I wasn’t sure what equipment to get or where to go or if I’m in the way or what to do.
  • I was the odd one out. People are “regulars” at the classes I go to and the instructors knew everyone by name- but me. To their credit, the instructors took time to show me how to do things that I don’t (and shouldn’t) know how to do, but it made me feel inexperienced.
  • I was sore. S.O.R.E. SORE! My legs, abs, back, and arms all ache. I remember having friends over for dinner and I literally physically couldn’t scoop ice cream my arms were so sore (please ignore the irony of the juxtaposition of talking about scooping ice cream and working out)

But here’s the thing- with my background in athletics I knew that all of this is temporary. I’d ask someone what I need for a class, I’d get over my ego regarding not knowing everything to do, and I knew that as my strength and flexibility increased my aches and fatigue would decrease.

And it makes me think- what if I wasn’t an extroverted athlete? It would be virtually impossible for me to make it in a gym. I’d feel lost, judged, out of shape, and feel as though this is what getting in shape is supposed to be like.  It’s not. To anyone reading this who wants to start a program or get moving, do it. It is worth it.