New Skis! Icelantic Oracles!

I have the best partner in the world. I came home late from Vancouver and The Boy had waited up for me. I happily gifted him some seasoned salt from Meat and Bread because I enjoyed the food and wanted to share something of my trip with him. We went downstairs and there was a new pair of skis hanging out in our basement! Fat powder skis! Made in our neighborhood! For me! They were a congratulations present for getting great job offers and The Boy thought that I’d progressed enough as a skier that I might appreciate some new gear. Aren’t they gorgeous?



They are longer, stiffer, and fatter than my old skis and I cannot wait to get some bindings on these bad boys  girls to give them a go! I’m wondering if this is The Boy’s way of expressing that he thinks we should stay in Colorado 🙂 Now really: pray for powder!