One heck of a month

March rocked me. I have no idea what happened, probably because it feels like everything happened. Some snippets:

  • In my last week in Colorado I gave three large talks: one at the University, one that was broadcast across the state and one that was invited by a Senator for a fundraising banquet with less than 24 hours notice. It made the week before a move busy which might have been a good distraction from being so sad about leaving. 
  • In my last week in Colorado I also “successfully” sued a woman who did damage to our car in a hit and run. I qualify success because she’s refusing to pay the judgement and is self-employed so I can’t garnish her wages. Thankfully I married into a family full of lawyers.
  • I packed up the dogs and the Jeep and headed even further West to Berkeley via Salt Lake. Driving through Utah and Nevada was beautiful, we had an exceptional host in Utah, and there is something empowering about going solo on a big trip. I also stopped in Truckee and can’t wait to get back to Tahoe.
  • Berkeley is better than I could have imagined. There are lush, green gardens everywhere, the entire town smells like honeysuckle, our neighbors have hosted us for dinner, brought us flowers, and baked us muffins, and we are walking distance from everything we could want or need (in less than a mile we have a BART station, Berkeley Bowl, the University, and so many beautiful specialty shops). We have eaten amazing food, and I’ve walked more in the last 10 days than I probably did the entire time I lived in Denver. This is a much better lifestyle for me.
  • We’ve been trying to get involved in our community and I’ve been to yoga, gone on some beautiful runs (altitude training at sea level is awesome!), hosted brunch, and gone to a beer garden in the city with friends. It has been an awesome introduction.
  • People love our dogs and Wally has paparazzi (seriously). Most people ask to take pictures of him, but a few times a week I find someone trying to sneak a picture of him. He’s huge and beautiful and pretty uncommon in this neck of the woods.
  • I’m transiently unemployed but with strong prospects. I’ve been thankful because it’s given us time to unpack our perfect house (it was lovingly designed by very thoughtful people with exceptional attention to detail), learn the neighborhood, and just get settled. 

Excited to be settled and to start having adventures here!