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Starting to workout is hard

The Boy and I joined a gym when we moved to Colorado.  It was voted the best in Denver and has really competent and motivating instructors that lead loads of classes including, but… Continue reading

Hiking Mt. Sanitas

Alright, so I live in Colorado and it’s December. I should be skiing. Instead, it was nearly 70 degrees so we decided to bail on being ski bums and take a hike with… Continue reading

Homemade Protein Bars

I’ve been hitting the gym at 5 am which a) doesn’t leave room for making my favorite breakfast smoothies since I go straight to work afterwards and b) makes me ravenous and in… Continue reading

i2P goes to Botswana!

impossible2Possible is about to start their next expedition: Expedition Botswana! Check out the website– on October 29th Ray Zahab (of Running the Sahara fame) and the team are going to spend nearly two… Continue reading

First Week Living in Denver

Alright, so I’ve lived in Denver for a week. It’s still not “home” (we won’t get our things for at least another 5 days, or more than 3 weeks after we left Pittsburgh,… Continue reading

My Bikram Yoga Testimonial

Almost one year ago I went to my first bikram yoga class. I remember being terrified the entire day leading up to the afternoon class and that by the time I was leaving… Continue reading

Pittsburgh Marathon 2012: Spectathlete Report

I love marathon Sunday. LOVE it. Whether I’m racing or cheering I just love the energy, being around other runners and being a total goof while I’m out celebrating being alive and enjoying… Continue reading

Happy Pilates Day! My First Pilates Class

Happy Pilates Day! That’s a thing? Yes it is! In honor of  National Pilates Day my local lululemon store had a community Pilates class. I went because a) I’ll try pretty much anything… Continue reading

GU Pro

As I make my move to Denver I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back into racing. I’m toying with ideas like Pikes Peak, Leadville, and Ride the Rockies. I am so… Continue reading

Ashtanga Yoga

In light of last week’s events, I made an effort to keep myself as busy as humanly possible this weekend as a means of distracting myself from a lot of hurt around me.… Continue reading