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I’m a sucker for New Years Resolutions. Pretty much every year barring injury I’ve completed my New Years resolution: it’s how I ran my first marathon, did my first triathlon, got involved in… Continue reading

Being Active

When people find out about my athletic history the question that I am always asked is: “What’s next?” The problem is I don’t know. And the good part is that I kind of… Continue reading

Children’s Hospital Open Water Challenge 5K

“There’s a 5K swim tomorrow- you should do it” Usually people who have not swum in over a year do not agree when people say something like that. I am unusual. I was… Continue reading


Whoa June was something else. In 30 days the following happened: I ran the inaugural Run for Virginia Wine half marathon. We ran through VA wine country, got a wine stopper for a… Continue reading

The Bikram Yoga Experiment

Today I tried bikram yoga for the first time. Bikram Yoga Squirrel Hill just opened a new studio and they paired up with lululemon to host a community class. I don’t do yoga.… Continue reading

RR: Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Today I ran the Pittsburgh half marathon. Typically this would be unremarkable as I run marathons as training runs for ultramarathons. But I am not training for an ultra and I am not… Continue reading

Review: Running on Empty

Marshall Ulrich’s book is going to be a hit with runners, but it is far from a book about running. Does he use a transcontinental crossing as the framework for his story? Yes.… Continue reading

Review: Lululemon Speed Skirt

I’ve wanted a running skirt for ages but I’m pear shaped and on more than one occasion I’ve heard “OMG KAT! It’s your SONG!” when “Baby Got Back” came on. It’s hard for… Continue reading

Can running be an addiction?

I am a runner. I am also a scientist who studies addiction. For a long time I have wondered: can running be an addiction? When most people think of exercise they think positively… Continue reading

Running on Empty

I met Marhsall Ulrich in October 2010 when we were both guides for i2P’s Amazon Expedition. Marshall is a spectacular athlete and an even better man (yes, it’s possible).  He’s written a book… Continue reading