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Becoming Van Gogh and Skiing Beaver Creek

It was a long holiday weekend so we packed in some family time and culture by seeing the Becoming Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, and then hit the road to… Continue reading

Skiing Steamboat

Friday night we packed up and drove 3 hours northwest to Steamboat Springs to go skiing with another wonderful friend (we are so lucky to have so many visitors!), and his super cute… Continue reading

New Year on the Mountain

On Thursday, our awesome friends Rich and Lauren came to visit us in Denver. All of my friends are totally brilliant, but Rich is a friend who started his own museum (ok, he has… Continue reading

2012 in Review

It’s been a hell of a year. I think we did it all. We got Wally. We traveled to Tuscany. I matched in Denver for my internship and The Boy started a new… Continue reading

Starting to workout is hard

The Boy and I joined a gym when we moved to Colorado.  It was voted the best in Denver and has really competent and motivating instructors that lead loads of classes including, but… Continue reading

Our Unexpected Road Trip Courtesy of United Airlines

The Boy and I woke up yesterday at 0530 to head to the airport for an 0800 flight to Billings, Montana, to spend the holidays with his family. All week I’ve been dreaming… Continue reading

Weekend at Vail

We spent the weekend at our ski house with a bunch of friends and had the awesome pleasure of skiing Vail. I took one picture because it was cloudy most of the time… Continue reading

Hiking Mt. Sanitas

Alright, so I live in Colorado and it’s December. I should be skiing. Instead, it was nearly 70 degrees so we decided to bail on being ski bums and take a hike with… Continue reading

Homemade Protein Bars

I’ve been hitting the gym at 5 am which a) doesn’t leave room for making my favorite breakfast smoothies since I go straight to work afterwards and b) makes me ravenous and in… Continue reading

Ski Bums

We went skiing this weekend! The Boy is a total pro on a snowboard (he was sponsored as a youngster) and living in Colorado we were both really excited to get as many… Continue reading