Weekend at Vail

We spent the weekend at our ski house with a bunch of friends and had the awesome pleasure of skiing Vail. I took one picture because it was cloudy most of the time (flat light on snow with an iPhone = ugly) and because I was too busy having an absolute blast skiing.

Vail beauty inadequately captured

Vail beauty inadequately captured

The Boy is quite the accomplished snowboarder so I rarely see him on the mountain. However, since it’s still early in the season, the snow was adequate not great, and most of his type of terrain wasn’t open, so we got to ski together! We were also joined by his buddy who is another incredible athlete who was a ski bum in New Zealand, is a pro surfer, and has lived all over the world. It made for great times, big stories and lots of laughs. A fair amount of beer was consumed, too.

In other updates

  • Tyke doesn’t have cancer! Hurray for the wonderdog! We are happy, thankful, and relieved. We’ll be more relieved when he’s cone-free (man it is annoying to have an animal that takes up that much room underfoot in the kitchen!)
  • I finished knitting my first hat. There’s a reason I’m not posting a picture of it. It’s cute, and it fits (hey, not bad for my second knitting projet!) but my knitting was too loose so you can see my hair through it which looks weird. Next up: these socks.