5 Days in San Francisco

I just spent 5 days living the life in San Francisco.

I went to San Fran for my annual scientific conference and spent some time with my science hat on, but was also fortunate to catch up with friends and try to make a dent in all things wonderful that San Fran has to offer.

I stayed in North Beach with my buddy A, who I worked with at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. I saw her in January when I was interviewing in Palo Alto and even though it was late she brought me up to her rooftop deck to show me what was beautiful at night but was even more spectacular during the day.

Amazing view from my friend’s roof. I promise you that wine tastes better when paired with this view.

She was a fabulous host and beyond taking me to great restaurants (I must go back to Park Tavern, and you should definitely check it out, too. I literally started to salivate just looking up that link), she did a great job of making sure I saw some great views of this gorgeous town.

Did you know the Golden Gate is the most photographed bridge in the world?

I obviously did what I could to ensure the veracity of the prior fun fact

We took a nice long early morning walk and ventured to Lombard Street

I also spent some time exploring Sausalito, which was incredibly beautiful.

Relaxing on the water with a conference-mate

Taking in this beautiful view was just the right way to spend an afternoon

I also caught up with a college friend over coffee, had some amazing duck tacos at Mamacita, ate incredible sushi near fisherman’s wharf and of course got a Ghiradelli dark chocolate sundae.

The sushi at Grandeho’s Kamekyo Japanese Cuisine. This picture was taken from my iPhone so just imagine how good this actually looked and that appearances were inferior to taste.

In all, I was able to present my work, learn from others, eat great food and spend time with some great people. Cheers to next year.

With a conference buddy at the closing ceremony.