Grand Teton National Park

On our way home from Montana we decided to drive through Yellowstone and into Grand Teton National Park to spend the night in Jackson. We had a great dinner at The Kitchen (yum), ate an incredible dessert at CocoLove, and then were planning to open up some champagne that my to-be brother-in-law got us to celebrate our engagement but instead let our wine from dinner put us to bed.

I can’t wait to open that bottle of champagne! And I would eat that dessert every night of my life.

We took the driving slow to enjoy the scenery. Even Wally was interested in what was going on. He is such a good road trip dog.

One of the things that was amazing to me was how different the mountains looked at different times of the day.

Top: During the day (morning)
Bottom left: Hazy before sunset
Bottom right: Goodnight sun, good day stars

I really couldn’t get over the mountains. I have literally hundreds of pictures, but the amazing thing is that there is actually a lot of variation.


Top: Evening light
Middle: Rain
Bottom: Morning light

I wish that we could have spent more time in Jackson. We’re hoping to make it up for skiing this winter, but really my heart would love to be hiking in those mountains.