Things have been busy!

  • I’m on a new service at work. As a psychology resident on the psychiatry consult service at a Level I Trauma Center I  see some of the most severe psychopathology in the intermountain West. Exacerbation of chronic paranoid schizophrenia resulting in harm to self and/or others? Got it. Severe suicide attempts? Yep. We even service the prison systems so I help treat any complications from mental illness in forensic settings. My team lead is the Chief of Behavioral Medicine (also a Colonel in the Army) and so it has been a high-pressure, fast-paced, but exceedingly rewarding experience. I love it, but it’s taken some energy away from other endeavors.
  • I’m writing my dissertation. Today I finished the first complete draft- intro, methods, results, discussion, figures, tables and references. I need to finish before I start my new job in September, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I also love the new bicycle cafe that’s opened up. Coffee, beer, games, and a barista from Pittsburgh- what more do you need?



  • I’m staying active. There’s been less skiing as Spring has sprung, but I’m still hitting the gym to take care of myself and hoping to get at least one more day on the slopes. I had a blast playing with a friend two weeks ago who was visiting from Pittsburgh.
  • We’re planning a big party in September. That’s not entirely true. We’re thinking and keep talking about planning a big party in September to celebrate our relationship, but we’re both pretty unmotivated to plan a wedding.
  • We’re starting to think about buying a house. Given that we love CO and will be here a few more years, it looks like it’s time to lay down some roots. We’re not sure where in Denver we want to live but we thankfully are renting an incredible house so we’re not in any rush.
  • We’re still vegan. I did not think that would last at all. I love dairy so much, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I think there are two reasons it’s worked so well: 1) we’re part-time vegans; 2) I feel so much better as a vegan. As far as the part-time thing, we try to be vegan for 5 days a week. Breakfasts are 100% vegan (smoothies) and lunches are nearly 100% vegan (with the rare exception that someone steals my lunch at work or we’re traveling). Dinners cooked at home are very easy and thankfully we live in a healthy city with lots of vegan options for dining out. I rarely get stuck somewhere without something to eat and I’ve loved experimenting with new foods and flavor combinations. I also feel so much better. I can’t put my finger on how I feel better- I haven’t noticed more energy, but I feel like I think more clearly and am less anxious. I’ve even noticed The Boy has been in a markedly better mood. I’m not sure what the mechanism is, but one month into our experiment, I think we’re going to keep it up.

Stay posted for upcoming Spring adventures in Colorado!