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Ironman Updates

The only predictable thing in my life recently has been that it has been unpredictable. After massive life upheaval Ironman took a serious backseat- I needed to focus on getting my home and… Continue reading

Kehoe Beach at Point Reyes

On Saturday we took a scenic drive to Point Reyes to let the dogs play at Kehoe Beach. We wound through rolling hills and spots of redwoods among hundreds of cyclists who were… Continue reading

One heck of a month

March rocked me. I have no idea what happened, probably because it feels like everything happened. Some snippets: In my last week in Colorado I gave three large talks: one at the University,… Continue reading


Life has been hard recently. Not in the loved one is dying sense, or where am I getting my next meal sense and because of that I am very lucky and very thankful.… Continue reading

Big News! We’re moving to…

Drumroll please… We’re trading the mountains for the ocean and we’re moving to Berkeley! FAQs: What?! Why?! When? The short version is that I married up, and my very talented husband was offered… Continue reading

2013 Wrap-Up

When I think of 2013, I think of my friends. As always, their love, friendship, generosity and kindness made my life richer, brighter and fuller. How thankful I am to share my life… Continue reading

The Five Stages of (Swimming) Grief

Tonight I went through the following stages of swimming grief: Denial: It won’t be that bad! My arms aren’t that sore after P90X2 last night. Swimming outside in December when the wind is picking… Continue reading

Surprise Holidays

Yesterday was weird because I was providing mental health services at a high school in suburban Denver while a student was walking into a different suburban Denver high school with a shotgun. I… Continue reading

(Failed?) Fall Fun

It’s Fall in Colorado and I was on a mission to enjoy the changing aspens this weekend. Plan 1: Go car camping with friends on the Kebler Pass in Crested Butte. We got… Continue reading

I’m Married!

I’m married! But maybe the most exciting part of that announcement is that I’ve been married for a year! Remember when The Boy and I watched the sunrise from Summit Lake on Mt.… Continue reading