Kehoe Beach at Point Reyes

On Saturday we took a scenic drive to Point Reyes to let the dogs play at Kehoe Beach. We wound through rolling hills and spots of redwoods among hundreds of cyclists who were out on their morning rides. We drove through Inverness, which is the cutest little town, and learned that the strong Czech influence in the area is from Czech sailors who crashed their ship and decided the California coast was a perfectly lovely place to stay. Our old lab adores the ocean but our Berner had a few points of failure:

  1. He loves snow, particularly pouncing on snow and then eating a big mouthful in celebration of it’s amazing refreshment. Wally confused the abundant sand for snow, and was rather sad upon pouncing and taking on a mouthful.
  2. He loves water and drinks it like a camel. The poor dog was thrilled to see water as far as his little eyes could see and was again quite saddened that it wasn’t what he expected.
  3. At this point, Wally decided to quit and lay down on the sand, where either a crab, sand flea, or something else bit him.
  4. We finally encouraged him to play in the water but seemed rather wounded when a wave unceremoniously caught him from behind when he wasn’t paying attention.

While Wally had better days, the rest of us couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a Saturday morning (particularly when Saturday afternoon was a barbecue and Saturday night was raclette with old friends).

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